Boris Blažinić

BORIS BLAŽINIĆ is a professor and a court expert in psychology. psychotherapist, SHRM consultant, lecturer, trainer, licensed Coach to increase and maintain personal and organizational effectiveness. Specializes in Transactional Analysis, NLP (DVNLP Trainer) and Hypnotherapy. By Besser-Siegmund-Institute licensed Business, Mental, Work-Health Balance and Wingwave Coach. Completed a program of advanced techniques in quantum psychology Quantum Entrainment at Dr. Frank Kinslow. He conducted 1256 trainings which included 11,934 students. He has appeared in over 300 television and radio shows promoting the development of human resources. He, as the author, presented Total Balance Management © at the European and World Flight Controllers Conference at Gran Canaria in Spain. Works for companies and organizations such as Emerson, Alstom, Siemens, OMV, Kaufland, Oracle, Messer, Johnson & Johnson, Sberbank, Hartmann, Croatian Telecom, Raiffeisen Bank, Volksbank, UniCredit Bank, European Broadcasting Union, Merkur Insurance Croatia, Mercury International Holding (MIHAG), Violeta, Croatia Control, Ministry of Finance – Tax Administration, Siac-Krupa kabine, NATO, Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Croatia….