The Total Balance Method detects, eliminates and prevents negative emotional states and makes your life simply better. UNIQUE. ADVANCED. EFFICIENT. TOTAL BALANCE METHOD

Can you recognize yourself in the following statements?

  • I am exhausted by constant worry, anxiety and fear.
  • I feel depressed, powerless and hopeless.
  • I cannot get rid of the emotions such as anger, guilt, depression.
  • I have phobias, panic attacks.
  • I went through a trauma I can’t get over.
  • I constantly feel fear, sadness, anger or other negative feelings and conditions .
  • I am often stressed and exhausted by negative emotions.
  • I feel trapped in a love or family relationship.
  • I cannot save myself from addiction.

Stop feeling like an emotional garbage bin and get rid of the shackles limiting you from being the best version of yourself by means of a science-based method.

Why is the Total Balance Method the answer to your problems?

  • It is based on concrete scientific facts.
  • Through only one to three treatments, we clearly record the success of the method.
  • Given the speed of treatment, you will easily fit TBM into your schedule.
  • All effects achieved can be measured instantaneously.
  • You will join more than 500 satisfied clients like GNK Dinamo and our
    olympian Filip Ude.

What part of your life needs balance?

Total Health Balance

Does your emotional and mental health need balance? Forever close all the blockages that limit limiting you and let negative emotions be a thing of your past. Block the past and turn to the future.

Total Relationship Balance

Are you experiencing bad relationships, worries, frustration or stress? Make your love or family relationships more successful and better when you get to know yourself as well as your loved ones better, by means of personal psychological profiles.

Total Learning and Work Balance

How to be more successful and productive? With a detailed psychological profile, find out what your strengths are, but also your weaknesses and make decisions more easily. Put the fear of appearing in front of other people or the fear of being actively involved in meetings behind you.

Total Balance SPORT

Improve your sports results, increase your performance, and gain a competitive edge. Create your psychological profile – evaluate and develop your inner emotional one...

Total Personality Balance

Get to know the very foundation of yourself. What are your life values that can shed light on your future? Build confidence and resolve negative thoughts and learn about your talents and weaknesses. Who is the man behind your balanced life?

Who is the expert behind Total Balance Management?

BORIS BLAŽINIĆ is a professor and a court expert in psychology. psychotherapist, SHRM consultant, lecturer, trainer, licensed Coach to increase and maintain personal and organizational effectiveness. Specializes in Transactional Analysis, NLP (DVNLP Trainer) and Hypnotherapy. By Besser-Siegmund-Institute licensed Business, Mental, Work-Health Balance and Wingwave Coach. Completed a program of advanced techniques in quantum psychology Quantum Entrainment at Dr. Frank Kinslow. He conducted (from 2002 to 2015) 1256 trainings which included 11,934 students.

What does the Total balance method actually mean to you?

Conversation detects your symptoms – cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural ones. We find out whether sadness, fear, disappointment, guilt, anger, or anxiety bother you. We then define your problem and set desired goals.

We conclude on the causes of your problem by testing and creating Mindware™ psychological profile.

We apply the Total Balance psychoneurological method to eliminate your emotional and mental blockages, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unpleasant sensations in the body.

Together we learn techniques and tools that help you manage and express your emotions properly and independently in the long run.

What after treatment?

We are clearly monitoring positive changes. During the treatment, we start from the deepest level of experiencing yourself, your values, beliefs and opinions, and travel through emotional states and sensations and behaviour towards yourself and others. After the treatment, you feel a deep relaxation, security and a state of inner peace and satisfaction becomes your daily routine.

Negative emotions

Irrational thinking

Unpleasant bodily sensations

Stressful life experiences

Passive and aggressive behaviour

Positive emotions

Peaceful mind

Strength and energy

High motivation

Top performance

What does this mean for you in the long run?

Unlock your potentials that are already in you! The positive effects of the TBM method are evident in the mental as well as physical state of each person. Emotional stability, levels of self-esteem are greatly enhanced, and relationships with oneself and others are improved.

How to have a positive attitude about yourself and others? Do you have self-esteem? Do you really feel peaceful and happy? Let the answer to all these questions be – Yes, of course! Improve your relationship first with yourself and then others and achieve absolute emotional stability. By using a science-based method, we achieve the best results for you.

What are the benefits of TBM treatment?

  • This method is based on scientific research.
  • Success is achieved after 1-3 treatments
  • A treatment lasts from 5 to 30 minutes
  • The effects are currently measurable








Each of our satisfied clients whose life has reached the perfect balance is equally important to us!