The manual for yourself reveals all the secrets of yourself Mindware ™ PSIHOPROFIL

Are you looking for answers to questions like:

  • Why do I do what I do, feel and think?
  • How to raise your child to be happy and independent?
  • How to discover and “unlock” your potential and get better results?
  • How to choose the “right one” and be happy in love?
  • Which school and college do I choose to fit my personality?
  • Which career to choose and do what you love and what you are best at?
  • How can I raise the quality of my life and live a happier life? etc.

Imagine how different our lives would be if we had a “User’s Guide” for ourselves.

This individualized psychological profile – Mindware™ is precisely that -– a kind of “User’s Guide”


How often we think other people think the same way we think? How many times we believe that what is important to us should be important to others? How much do we actually know about ourselves and our loved ones? Wouldn’t life be different if they were instructed to use ourselves and the others?


Humans have their own mental operating systems containing all our values, beliefs, needs, opinions and feelings, and it is precisely these that govern our body, temperament, abilities and talents. The same way computer Software manages Hardware – when a computer is affected by a virus it attacks Software, and so does our mental Mindware attack operating system. It is not a virus we see in our blood picture, but a virus that causes different prejudices, stereotypes and distorted images of the world and ourselves.


Before you lay down all the threads of your friendships, career potential, love and simply a happy life, look for the answers to all the questions in your individualized psychological profile – Mindware™ and say goodbye to the trial and error based approach to your life!


Create a self-help guide and discover your inner potentials!

What is Mindware ™?

Mindware™ is a personality model that puts you in one of nine unique personalities that make us different in what we think, feel and act. Each of us has our own psychological profile and the sooner we become aware of it, the sooner we become aware of ourselves and thus achieve our best self.

Why Mindware™?

If you have a need or desire to:

  • understand yourself and the others
  • learn how to communicate influentially
  • learn how to build quality relationships
  • apply knowledge techniques and skills
  • communicate and understand things on a higher level
  • know your strengths and potentials
  • become aware of your weaknesses and blockages
  • make better decisions
  • understand the causes of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviour
  • discover and unlock your inner potential
  • be the best edition of yourself

What are the objectives of Mindware™?

If you want to change your relationship with yourself and others and commit to personal growth, a psychological profile is your roadmap to a direction of success. It is necessary to understand what we are doing and why we are doing it so that we can make decisions in our daily lives as well as in the planning of the future with the help of “instructions for ourselves”.

What is the process of Mindware™?

During the introductory interview, we together define the set goals and determine the level of psychological profile, then we conduct the testing with expert guidance. Your data is then analysed and we create your psychological profile for the previously selected level. You become familiar with your personality and, if necessary, your emotional and mental blockages that we detect can be removed by the TBM™ method, after which you will continue towards a harmonious life by following your instructions properly.

Three levels of psxchological profile

You choose the level of Mindware™ that works best for you, and you can also order a comparative psychological profile that is ideal for couples, family analysis and the like.

In which segment of life can your profile be valuable and useful?

Mindware HEALTH

Identify causes of psychophysical problems and ways to overcome them. Get to know yourself, your weaknesses, limiting beliefs, and the internal causes of negative emotions and behaviours restricting you and causing you stress. Don't become a bin for emotional junk.

Mindware LOVE

If you want to know what your partner should be like, how to build and maintain a relationship, closeness and love, properly communicate and overcome obstacles and crises. Ultimately, a psychological profile will help you to recognize, restrain and refine yourself and your partner.


Get to know, restrain and ennoble yourself. Psychological profile serves as a guide for personal growth and development of your personality and potential. Increase your sense of inner peace and happiness and be the best edition of yourself.


Find out your potentials, strengths and weaknesses, work values and career plan for your personality type. Identify potentials for leadership or teamwork. Increase motivation, assertiveness and positive attitude, activate your potential and push the boundaries of the possible.


Be sure which elementary or high school to choose, which college or profession is best suited for your child in the future to do what is best and what fulfils him/her the most.


Improve your relationships and communication in the family, with friends and colleagues. Learn how to harmonize relationships and overcome misunderstandings and conflicts.