Područja primjene TBM tretmana

Total Balance HEALTH

Improve your mental and emotional health. Identify causes of emotional and mental blockages, neutralize negative emotions, unpleasant physical sensations, and resolve negative/distorted thoughts and beliefs. Get rid of phobias, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, negative emotional states caused by chronic diseases. Increase the quality of your life by unblocking past negativities distorting your present experiences and accelerate the natural healing process of your body.

Total Balance RELATIONS

Resolve bad relationships, conflicts, worries, frustration, accumulated negative emotions, stress… get to know yourself and your loved ones (whether you are in a love relationship or you are dealing with marriage or family relationships…). Create comparative psychological profiles and increase understanding of differences and similarities, strengths and weaknesses, specific needs and fears, and ways to communicate and relate to one another … Build trust, affection, and harmonious relationships with your loved ones, colleagues at work, and other people. Handle conflicts, divorce, end of the love affair…

Total Balance SPORT

Improve your sports results, increase your performance, and gain a competitive edge. Make your psychological profile – assess and develop your inner emotional, mental and social potential and remove mental and emotional barriers on the way to your goal. Eliminate the worries and negative emotions associated with injuries, past failures, negative influences from other people and environmental disturbances, as well as anxiety related to future competition. Be the best edition of yourself.


Improve your learning and work efficiency. Develop your own psychological profile and get to know your strengths, weaknesses, work and life values, find out which school, college and career to choose. Solve frustration, anxiety, fear of learning and exams, trembling from performing in front of other people, stress and burnout, lack of self-esteem, fear of success and/or failure, dismissal, rejection… Increase motivation, assertiveness and positive attitude, activate your potential and move the limits of the possible.


Develop your psychological profile, get to know yourself, your true personal life and work values, gifts and talents. Resolve emotional and mental blockages, bad self-image, negative emotions, unpleasant physical sensations and negative/distorted thoughts and beliefs about yourself, others and the world, inner conflicts, frustration, fear, excessive sadness, emotional pain, low self-esteem, confidence, feeling worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness … Learn ways to restrain and ennoble yourself, grow and develop. Increase your performance and sense of inner peace and happiness, and be the best edition of yourself.