Get rid of negative emotions in just a few treatments and live your life to the full! We live as much quality as the quality emotions we feel every day. TOTAL BALANCE METHOD TBM

We live at an accelerated pace in an age of information and various influences on us and our being that burden us minute by minute. It is difficult to resist many external influences and live in harmony with whom we really are – our being. Nature exists in perfect balance, while a man increasingly balances his values, thoughts and behaviour.


How do we find the perfect balance between what we really are and what we think our environment wants us to be? The simple question is – how to be a real “Me”? What “do I” really want and what have others convinced me I want? Do not fall into the routine and seek help too late. Don’t delay the moment when you become honest with yourself – the time is now!


A unique method combining a range of scientifically proven techniques in the fields of psychoneurology, hypnotherapy and quantum psychology. It guarantees instantly measurable internal balance and satisfaction.


In order to maximize both their personal potentials and professional performance, and increase their sense of inner peace, contentment and well-being.

What are the objectives of TOTAL BALANCE MANAGEMENT (TBM™)?

We want to identify, eliminate and prevent negative emotions and mental blockages such as prejudices, illusions and delusions about ourselves, others and the world, and unpleasant physical sensations.

What is the TOTAL BALANCE MANAGEMENT (TBM™) process like?

First, emotional and mental blockages are identified, then it “unlocks” negative memory and emotions stored in the nervous system, and finally helps the brain to successfully process and resolve negative experiences.


Can the TBM® Method help you?

Our objective is not simply to eliminate the symptoms. The TBM method deals with the past, present and future, and the goal is to allow you to achieve a complete state of emotional health.


This unique method for a balanced life is used to help athletes and business people achieve “state of the art” performance. Also for married or loving couples who want to increase true harmony and love, but also for parents who want to understand their child better. Do you fit into one of these groups? Feeling trapped by negative emotions or constant worries?


We know we sound like we are talking about a fairy tale, but with TBM therapy you can solve your problems completely in just a few treatments and get rid of the fences of the past and expand the boundaries of your future!